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3. Zentyal‌

Zentyal is a Linux small business server that can be configured as a gateway, infrastructure manager, unified threat manager, office server, unified communication server or a combination of them. All network services managed by Zentyal are tightly integrated, automating most tasks. This saves time and helps to avoid errors in network configuration and administration. Zentyal is open source, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and runs on top of Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Zentyal consists of a series of packages (usually one for each module) that provide a web interface to configure the different servers or services. The configuration is stored on a key-value Redis database, but users, groups, and domains-related configuration is on OpenLDAP . When you configure any of the available parameters through the web interface, final configuration files are overwritten using the configuration templates provided by the modules. The main advantage of using Zentyal is a unified, graphical user interface to configure all network services and high, out-of-the-box integration between them.

Zentyal publishes one major stable release once a year based on the latest Ubuntu LTS release.


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