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The installation process will then continue normally. 5.1.4. Degraded RAID

At some point in the life of the computer a disk failure event may occur. When this happens, using Software RAID, the operating system will place the array into what is known as a degraded state.

If the array has become degraded, due to the chance of data corruption, by default Ubuntu Server Edition will boot to initramfs after thirty seconds. Once the initramfs has booted there is a fifteen second prompt

giving you the option to go ahead and boot the system, or attempt manual recover. Booting to the initramfs prompt may or may not be the desired behavior, especially if the machine is in a remote location. Booting to a degraded array can be configured several ways:

• The dpkg-reconfigure utility can be used to configure the default behavior, and during the process you will be queried about additional settings related to the array. Such as monitoring, email alerts, etc. To reconfigure mdadm enter the following:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure mdadm

• The dpkg-reconfigure mdadm process will change the /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/mdadm configuration file. The file has the advantage of being able to pre-configure the system's behavior, and can also be manually edited:



The configuration file can be overridden by using a Kernel argument.

• Using a Kernel argument will allow the system to boot to a degraded array as well:

• When the server is booting press Shift to open the Grub menu.

• Press e to edit your kernel command options.

• Press the down arrow to highlight the kernel line.

• Add "bootdegraded=true" (without the quotes) to the end of the line.

• Press Ctrl+x to boot the system.

Once the system has booted you can either repair the array see Section 5.1.5, “RAID Maintenance” [p. 14]

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