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3.2.1. ufw Application Integration

Applications that open ports can include an ufw profile, which details the ports needed for the application to function properly. The profiles are kept in /etc/ufw/applications.d, and can be edited if the default ports have been changed.

• To view which applications have installed a profile, enter the following in a terminal:

sudo ufw app list

• Similar to allowing traffic to a port, using an application profile is accomplished by entering:

sudo ufw allow Samba

• An extended syntax is available as well:

ufw allow from to any app Samba

Replace Samba and with the application profile you are using and the IP range for your network.


There is no need to specify the protocol for the application, because that information is detailed in the profile. Also, note that the app name replaces the port number.

• To view details about which ports, protocols, etc., are defined for an application, enter:

sudo ufw app info Samba

Not all applications that require opening a network port come with ufw profiles, but if you have profiled an application and want the file to be included with the package, please file a bug against the package in Launchpad.

ubuntu-bug nameofpackage

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