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2.2. Configuration

The IRC settings can be done in the configuration file /etc/ircd/ircd.conf. You can set the IRC host name in this file by editing the following line:

M:irc.localhost::Debian ircd default configuration::000A

Please make sure you add DNS aliases for the IRC host name. For instance, if you set irc.livecipher.com as IRC host name, please make sure irc.livecipher.com is resolvable in your Domain Name Server. The IRC host name should not be same as the host name.

The IRC admin details can be configured by editing the following line:

A:Organization, IRC dept.:Daemon <[email protected]>:Client Server::IRCnet:

You should add specific lines to configure the list of IRC ports to listen on, to configure Operator credentials, to configure client authentication, etc. For details, please refer to the example configuration file /usr/share/ doc/ircd-irc2/ircd.conf.example.gz.

The IRC banner to be displayed in the IRC client, when the user connects to the server can be set in /etc/ ircd/ircd.motd file.

After making necessary changes to the configuration file, you can restart the IRC server using following command:

sudo systemctl restart ircd-irc2.service

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