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6.2. Accessing a Windows Share

Now that the Samba server is part of the Active Directory domain you can access any Windows server shares:

• To mount a Windows file share enter the following in a terminal prompt:

mount.cifs //fs01.example.com/share mount_point

It is also possible to access shares on computers not part of an AD domain, but a username and password will need to be provided.

• To mount the share during boot place an entry in /etc/fstab, for example:

// /mnt/windows cifs auto,username=steve,password=secret,rw 0 0

• Another way to copy files from a Windows server is to use the smbclient utility. To list the files in a Windows share:

smbclient //fs01.example.com/share -k -c "ls"

• To copy a file from the share, enter:

smbclient //fs01.example.com/share -k -c "get file.txt"

This will copy the file.txt into the current directory.

• And to copy a file to the share:

smbclient //fs01.example.com/share -k -c "put /etc/hosts hosts"

This will copy the /etc/hosts to //fs01.example.com/share/hosts.

• The -c option used above allows you to execute the smbclient command all at once. This is useful for scripting and minor file operations. To enter the smb: \> prompt, a FTP like prompt where you can execute normal file and directory commands, simply execute:

smbclient //fs01.example.com/share -k


Replace all instances of fs01.example.com/share, //, username=steve,password=secret, and file.txt with your server's IP, hostname, share name, file name, and an actual username and password with rights to the share.

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