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3.1. Overview

Bacula is made up of several components and services used to manage which files to backup and backup locations:

• Bacula Director: a service that controls all backup, restore, verify, and archive operations.

• Bacula Console: an application allowing communication with the Director. There are three versions of the Console:

• Text based command line version.

• Gnome based GTK+ Graphical User Interface (GUI) interface.

• wxWidgets GUI interface.

• Bacula File: also known as the Bacula Client program. This application is installed on machines to be backed up, and is responsible for the data requested by the Director.

• Bacula Storage: the programs that perform the storage and recovery of data to the physical media.

• Bacula Catalog: is responsible for maintaining the file indexes and volume databases for all files backed up, enabling quick location and restoration of archived files. The Catalog supports three different databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

• Bacula Monitor: allows the monitoring of the Director, File daemons, and Storage daemons. Currently the Monitor is only available as a GTK+ GUI application.

These services and applications can be run on multiple servers and clients, or they can be installed on one machine if backing up a single disk or volume.

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