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This will tell LXD to listen to port 8843 on all addresses. 5.6.1. Authentication

By default, LXD will allow all members of group 'lxd' (which by default includes all members of group admin) to talk to it over the UNIX socket. Communication over the network is authorized using server and client certificates.

Before client c1 wishes to use remote r1, r1 must be registered using:

lxc remote add r1 r1.example.com:8443

The fingerprint of r1's certificate will be shown, to allow the user at c1 to reject a false certificate. The server in turn will verify that c1 may be trusted in one of two ways. The first is to register it in advance from any already-registered client, using:

lxc config trust add r1 certfile.crt

Now when the client adds r1 as a known remote, it will not need to provide a password as it is already trusted by the server.

The other is to configure a 'trust password' with r1, either at initial configuration using 'lxd init', or after the fact using

lxc config set core.trust_password PASSWORD

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