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Introduction/Foreword (whatever …)‌

Welcome to the wonderful world of ZorinOS where it is hoped you too will enjoy this beautifully garnered Operating System. I first ‘discovered’ Zorin when it was at release 4 (around 2010?) which led to my first installation video of triple booting Windows XP/Windows 7/Zorin 4 64-bit: (http://www.veoh.com/watch/v283328437Pyp3Byy)

I have been fortunate to have experience of GNU/Linux since 2002, introduced to me by a brilliant School IT Technician, named Chris, who gave me Knoppix

2.9 – Wow! an OS that had a human voice to alert you to the fact the system was up and running – and not even installed!

I was determined that Zorin should not go the way of Freespire, which until I discovered Zorin, was the only community-based OS to have a Windows feel (apart from the commercial parent, Linspire, which rose and fell by the hands of the same man, Michael Robertson.) Having joined the forum, initially in 2010, and had been providing answers to unanswered threads, after 2 weeks I suddenly found myself becoming a moderator! A great honour and great responsibility. I hope I have been able to enrich users experience of ZorinOS over the years.

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