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viiii. Sound:‌

This panel indicates which sound source is being used by the system.

Ironic that it is working in VM with Audio settings in VB to ICH AC97 when it’s an Audigy Rx!


If you want to check the sound functionality is working, select Test Speakers button:


Click on each ‘Test’ button to hear it announce the words under the ‘speakers’.

Sound Inputs Tab: This will list all your microphone sources. The Audigy Rx has two microphone channels for Vinyl capture or Karaoke recording. The video source relates to Webcam if you have one installed.


Sound Effects Tab:


Applications Tab: This shows any applications currently using sound devices.


Ahh! Radio Paradise – I have it on my phone – playing As by Stevie Wonder as I snapped this screenshot! And in a VM too! Nice! Ooh, Precious by Depeche Mode now! Followed by The Jungle Line by Joni Mitchell – nice.

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