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8.8. Playing DVDs‌

Most commercial DVDs are encrypted with the Content Scrambling System (CSS), which attempts to restrict the sotware that can play a DVD. By default, Ubuntu is capable of playing DVDs that are not encrypted. Due to legal restrictions surrounding the CSS format, as well as Ubuntu's commitment to free multimedia formats, some software packages needed for encrypted DVD playback are not installed by default in Ubuntu. You can install these packages from Ubuntu repositories to enable the playback of encrypted DVDs.

image Note:

It is possible that the use of some of the following software to play or copy DVDs is not permitted

by law in some countries. Please check your rights before proceeding.

You may also consider downloading the following additional applications that are capable of playing certain formats by default:

• Mplayer movie player

• VLC media player

• Xine

• Totem-xine

Totem Movie Player, the default movie player included in Ubuntu can automatically play a DVD when it is inserted into the DVD drive. However, it will not provide access to the DVD menu. Other free software media players like VLC, mplayer and xine do make the DVD menu available.


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