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bond2team — Converts bonding configuration to team


bond2team [options]


bond2team is a tool to convert bonding options to team trying as much as possible to keep
the original functionality.

The resulting files are saved in a temporary directory using ifcfg style by default. In
the case of converting an ifcfg file, it translates the bonding options to team,
preserving all other options. In that case, it converts the respective slave ifcfg files
to team port, preserving all their other options too. In case of converting from given
bonding options in the command line, the tool can use the specified ports as team ports.


--master <interface>
Specify the interface name or ifcfg file to convert. If the interface name is
specified, the tool will look at /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ for the respective
ifcfg file.

--rename <interface>
This is a convenient option to replace the original interface name by the specified
name. For instance, if --master specifies bond0, it is possible to use --rename
team0 to change the final interface name to team0.

Set the output format to ifcfg config style. [default]

--json Set the output format to JSON style. See teamd.conf(5) for further details.

--bonding_opts '<bonding options>'
Specify the bonding options to be converted instead of reading them from the ifcfg

--port <interface>
Set the specified interface as a team port.

--configdir <directory>
Change the ifcfg configuration path from /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts to the
specified <directory>.

--outputdir <directory>
Set the output directory to <directory>.

Print the result to the screen instead of writing to files.

Increase the debugging level.

Disallow any messages to be printed to console.

Print tool version to console and exit.

--help Print help text to console and exit.

Print common usage examples to console and exit.


To convert the current 'bond0' ifcfg configuration to team ifcfg:

# bond2team --master bond0

To convert the current 'bond0' ifcfg configuration to team ifcfg renaming the interface
name to 'team0'. Caution : firewall rules, alias interfaces, etc., that might be tied to
the original interface name can break after the renaming because the tool will only change
the ifcfg file, nothing else.

# bond2team --master bond0 --rename team0

To convert given bonding parameters with ports without any ifcfg:

# bond2team --bonding_opts 'mode=1 miimon=500 primary=eth1 primary_reselect=0' --port eth1 --port eth2 --port eth3 --port eth4

For more examples, see the option --examples.


The tool will not convert any other configuration which might be tied to the current
setup. For instance, firewall rules, alias interfaces, bridges, and so on.

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