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hexbin - Macintosh file de-binhexer


hexbin [ - options ] [ files ]


hexbin takes the text files specified in files (or standard input if none is specified)
and converts them subject to the options specified.


In the absence of any options, hexbin takes the specified files and silently converts them
into MacBinary format, giving the output files ".bin" extensions and placing them in the
current working directory.

-3 Write files in fork format (.info, .data and .rsrc files.)

-f As -3, but empty data and rsrc files are not created.

-r Write resource forks only (.rsrc files.)

-d Write data forks only (.data files.)

-u As -d, but the codes for CR and LF are interchanged, the filename extension is

-U As -u, but there is no filename extension.

-a Write files in AppleShare format. This option is only valid if the program is
compiled with support for some form of AppleShare. The current directory must be a
valid AppleShare folder.

-s Write extracted files to standard output in MacBinary format.

-l List every file extracted (and every directory/folder created etc.)

-v Like -l, but more verbose. When this option is specified all lines skipped because
they do not belong to the hexified format are listed (implies -l.)

-i Do not convert, give information only (implies -l.)

-c Do not check whether the hexified lines have equal size. Normally the hexifiers
gives text files with equal length line size, hexbin uses this in its heuristics to
determine whether a line must be skipped. There are however hexified files that do
not conform to that pattern. If this option is specified hexbin will in general be
unable to detect whether a line is garbage or not, so you have to remove the
garbage by hand.

-n name
Gives the Unix base file name for the converted files. For files hexified with
BinHex 4.0 or compatible hexifiers this flag is not needed; hexbin will determine
the Unix file name based on the Mac file name. For files in dl, hex or hcx format
this parameter may be needed as these formats do not include the Mac filename.
Normally hexbin will in those cases base the Unix file name on the text file name,
but that can be overruled with this parameter.

-V Gives the patchlevel of the program, and other information. Other options are
ignored and the program quits immediately.

-H Give short information about the options. Other options are ignored and the
program quits immediately.

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