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pnmpaste - paste a rectangle into a portable anymap


pnmpaste [-replace|-or|-and |-xor] frompnmfile x y [intopnmfile]


Reads two portable anymaps as input. Inserts the first anymap into the second at the
specified location, and produces a portable anymap the same size as the second as output.
If the second anymap is not specified, it is read from stdin. The x and y can be
negative, in which case they are interpreted relative to the right and bottom of the
anymap, respectively.

This tool is most useful in combination with pnmcut. For instance, if you want to edit a
small segment of a large image, and your image editor cannot edit the large image, you can
cut out the segment you are interested in, edit it, and then paste it back in.

Another useful companion tool is pbmmask.

pnmcomp is, a more general tool, except that it lacks the "or," "and," and "xor"
functions. pnmcomp allows you to specify an alpha mask in order to have only part of the
inserted image get inserted. So the inserted pixels need not be a rectangle. You can
also have the inserted image be translucent, so the resulting image is a mixture of the
inserted image and the base image.

The optional flag specifies the operation to use when doing the paste. The default is
-replace. The other, logical operations are only allowed if both input images are
bitmaps. These operations act as if white is TRUE and black is FALSE.

All flags can be abbreviated to their shortest unique prefix.

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