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ppmtoxpm - convert a portable pixmap into an X11 pixmap


ppmtoxpm [-name=xpmname] [-rgb=rgb-textfile] [-alphamask=pgmfile] [ppmfile]

Minimum unique abbrevations are acceptable.


Reads a portable pixmap as input. Produces X11 pixmap (version 3) as output which can be
loaded directly by the XPM library.

For example, to convert the file "dot" (found in /usr/include/X11/bitmaps), from xbm to
xpm one could specify

xbmtopbm dot | ppmtoxpm -name dot

or, with a rgb text file (in the local directory)

xbmtopbm dot | ppmtoxpm -name dot -rgb rgb.txt


The -name option allows you to specify the prefix string which is printed in the
resulting XPM output. If not specified, will default to the filename (without
extension) of the <ppmfile> argument. If you do not specify -name or ppmfile,
(i.e. your input is from Standad Input), the prefix string defaults to the string

The -rgb option allows you to specify an X11 rgb text file for the lookup of color
name mnemonics. This rgb text file is typically the /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt of the
MIT X11 distribution, but any file using the same format may be used. When
specified and a RGB value from the ppm input matches a RGB value from the <rgb-
textfile>, then the corresponding color name mnemonic is printed in the XPM's
colormap. If you don't specify -rgb or if the RGB values don't match, then
ppmtoxpm produces the color specifications in the #RGB, #RRGGBB, #RRRGGGBBB, or
#RRRRGGGGBBBB hexadecimal format.

This option names a PGM file to use as an alpha (transparency) mask. The file must
contain an image the same dimensions as the input image. ppmtoxpm marks as
transparent any pixel whose position in the alpha mask image is at most half white.

If you don't specify -alphamask, ppmtoxpm makes all pixels in the output opaque.

ppmcolormask is one way to generate an alpha mask file. You might also generate it
by extracting transparency information from an XPM file with the -alphaout option
to xpmtoppm. There are similar options on other Netpbm converters that convert
from formats that include transparency information too.


An option to match the closest (rather than exact) color name mnemonic from the rgb text
would be a desirable enhancement.

Truncation of the least significant bits of a RGB value may result in nonexact matches
when performing color name mnemonic lookups.

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