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Part 3 – Common Tasks And Essential Tools‌


14 – Package ManagementPackaging SystemsHow A Package System WorksPackage FilesRepositoriesDependenciesHigh And Low-level Package ToolsCommon Package Management TasksFinding A Package In A RepositoryInstalling A Package From A RepositoryInstalling A Package From A Package FileRemoving A PackageUpdating Packages From A RepositoryUpgrading A Package From A Package FileListing Installed PackagesDetermining If A Package Is InstalledDisplaying Info About An Installed PackageFinding Which Package Installed A FileSumming UpFurther Reading15 – Storage MediaMounting And Unmounting Storage DevicesViewing A List Of Mounted File SystemsDetermining Device NamesCreating New File SystemsManipulating Partitions With fdiskCreating A New File System With mkfsTesting And Repairing File SystemsFormatting Floppy DisksMoving Data Directly To/From DevicesCreating CD-ROM ImagesCreating An Image Copy Of A CD-ROMCreating An Image From A Collection Of FilesWriting CD-ROM ImagesMounting An ISO Image DirectlyBlanking A Re-Writable CD-ROMWriting An ImageSumming UpFurther ReadingExtra Credit16 – NetworkingExamining And Monitoring A NetworkpingtracerouteipnetstatTransporting Files Over A Networkftplftp – A Better ftpwgetSecure Communication With Remote Hostssshscp And sftpSumming UpFurther Reading17 – Searching For Fileslocate – Find Files The Easy Wayfind – Find Files The Hard WayTestsOperatorsPredefined ActionsUser-Defined ActionsImproving EfficiencyxargsA Return To The PlaygroundOptionsSumming UpFurther Reading18 – Archiving And BackupCompressing Filesgzipbzip2Archiving FilestarzipSynchronizing Files And DirectoriesUsing rsync Over A NetworkSumming UpFurther Reading19 – Regular ExpressionsWhat Are Regular Expressions?grepMetacharacters And LiteralsThe Any CharacterAnchorsBracket Expressions And Character ClassesNegationTraditional Character RangesPOSIX Character ClassesPOSIX Basic Vs. Extended Regular ExpressionsAlternationQuantifiers? - Match An Element Zero Or One Time* - Match An Element Zero Or More Times+ - Match An Element One Or More Times{ } - Match An Element A Specific Number Of TimesPutting Regular Expressions To WorkValidating A Phone List With grepFinding Ugly Filenames With findSearching For Files With locateSearching For Text With less And vimSumming UpFurther Reading20 – Text ProcessingApplications Of TextDocumentsWeb PagesEmailPrinter OutputProgram Source CodeRevisiting Some Old FriendscatsortuniqSlicing And DicingcutpastejoinComparing TextcommdiffpatchEditing On The FlytrsedaspellSumming UpFurther ReadingExtra Credit21 – Formatting OutputSimple Formatting Toolsnl – Number Linesfold – Wrap Each Line To A Specified Lengthfmt – A Simple Text Formatterpr – Format Text For Printingprintf – Format And Print DataDocument Formatting SystemsgroffSumming UpFurther Reading22 – PrintingA Brief History Of PrintingPrinting In The Dim TimesCharacter-based PrintersGraphical PrintersPrinting With LinuxPreparing Files For Printingpr – Convert Text Files For PrintingSending A Print Job To A Printerlpr – Print Files (Berkeley Style)lp – Print Files (System V Style)Another Option: a2psMonitoring And Controlling Print Jobslpstat – Display Print System Statuslpq – Display Printer Queue Statuslprm / cancel – Cancel Print JobsSumming UpFurther Reading23 – Compiling ProgramsWhat Is Compiling?Are All Programs Compiled?Compiling A C ProgramObtaining The Source CodeExamining The Source TreeBuilding The ProgramInstalling The ProgramSumming UpFurther Reading

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