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dccpclo - DCCP-based BP convergence layer output task


dccpclo remote_hostname[:remote_port_nbr]


dccpclo is a background "daemon" task that connects to a remote node's DCCP socket at
remote_hostname and remote_port_nbr. It then begins extracting bundles from the queues of
bundles ready for transmission via DCCP to this remote bundle protocol agent and
transmitting those bundles as DCCP datagrams to the remote host.

If not specified, remote_port_nbr defaults to 4556.

Note that dccpclo is not a "promiscuous" convergence layer daemon: it can transmit bundles
only to the node to which it is connected, so scheme configuration directives that cite
this outduct need only provide the protocol name and the outduct name as specified on the
command line when dccpclo is started.

Note also that dccpclo has no fragmentation support at all. Therefore, the largest bundle
that can be sent via this convergence layer is limited to just under the link's MTU
(typically 1500 bytes).

dccpclo is spawned automatically by bpadmin in response to the 's' (START) command that
starts operation of the Bundle Protocol, and it is terminated by bpadmin in response to an
'x' (STOP) command. dccpclo can also be spawned and terminated in response to START and
STOP commands that pertain specifically to the DCCP convergence layer protocol.


"0" dccpclo terminated normally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file. If this
termination was not commanded, investigate and solve the problem identified in the log
file and use bpadmin to restart dccpclo.

"1" dccpclo terminated abnormally, for reasons noted in the ion.log file. Investigate and
solve the problem identified in the log file, then use bpadmin to restart dccpclo.

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