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dtck - Check the DNSSEC-Tools data files for sanity.


dtck [options] [dtck_config_file]


dtck checks DNSSEC-Tools data files to determine if the entries are valid. dtck checks
the validity of DNSSEC-Tools configuration files, rollrec files, and keyrec files. It
does not perform the file checking itself, but runs checking programs specific to each
type of data file.

A dtck configuration file is consulted to determine the files to check. This file lists
the DNSSEC-Tools data files and their types. If a dtck configuration file is not given on
the command line, dtck will only check the DNSSEC-Tools configuration file. This is
equivalent to running dtconfchk directly.


A dtck configuration file contains a list of the files to be checked by dtck. Except for
comments, each line has the following format:

keyword file directory

keyword is one of "config", "rollrec", or "keyrec". file is the pathname of the file to
be checked. directory is the name of the directory that holds file and is optional.

The dtck configuration file contains the following types of records:

These lines define the DNSSEC-Tools configuration files that will be checked. The
dtconfchk program will be used to verify these files.

These lines define the rollrec files that will be checked. The rollchk program will
be used to verify these files.

These lines define the keyrec files that will be checked. The krfcheck program will
be used to verify these files.

Any lines starting with an octothorpe (#) are comment lines and are ignored.


dtck takes two types of options. Options of the first type are handled directly by dtck,
controlling its output and processing. Options of the second type are passed to the file-
checking programs and are not further handled by dtck.

Options Handled by dtck
This option directs dtck to add the default DNSSEC-Tools configuration file to the
list of configuration files to be checked.

The names of the files will be listed as they are checked.

Clarifying output is added to the output from dtck and the file-checking programs.

Display a usage message.

Options Not Handled by dtck
The file-checking programs will display a final error count.

No output will be given by the file-checking program.

Verbose output will be given by the file-checking program.

Displays the version information for dtck and the DNSSEC-Tools package.


Copyright 2007-2014 SPARTA, Inc. All rights reserved. See the COPYING file included with
the DNSSEC-Tools package for details.

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