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axi - afnix cross interpreter


axi [options] file [arguments]


prints the help message

prints the program version

enable the start module

[i] path|librarian
add a directory or librarian to the resolver path

[e] mode
force the encoding mode

[f] assert
enable assertion checking

[f] nopath
do not set initial path

[f] noseed
do not seed the random engine

[f] seed
seed the random engine


axi invokes the interpreter command line interpreter. Without arguments, the interpreter
is invoked interactively. With one or several arguments, the first argument is taken as
the file to execute. The rest of the command line is the arguments for the file being
executed. With the help of the file resolver, a file does not have to have the .als or
.axc extensions. When using a librarian, an initial module can be automatically loaded
with the help of the m option. A double system separator can be used to separate the
interpreter options with the program options. Normally, the encoding mode is automatically
detected from the running session or from the system environment. However, the e option
might be used to overwrite the default settings, especially when an file is based on one
of the ISO-8859 character set.


The current version is the 2.5.1 release.

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