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doctorj - Javadoc analyzer and spell-checker


doctorj [--emacs] [--warning=LEVEL] [--tabwidth=NUM]
[--dictionaries=LIST] [--verbose] {FILE...}


doctorj is an application to analyze Javadoc comments against Java code, verifying its
integrity and format. It also spell-checks Javadoc comments.


Whether to list violations in Emacs form, i.e., a single line of the form:

8:48:9:4: An error occurred on this line.

By default, violations are displayed in ``long form'', showing the context.

Sets the warning level, which by default is -1, meaning that only errors are
reported. A warning level of 0 means that Javadoc for public or abstract items
(classes, interfaces, methods, constructors, and fields) will be checked. A warning
level of 1 will result in the addition of checking of protected-access items; 2 is
for package-access items, and 3 will check all items.

Sets the number of spaces to use for alignment with tabs. By default, this value is

Sets the dictionaries (word lists) to use for spell-checking. LIST is a comma-
delimited string of paths to the word list files. By default, doctorj uses the word
list at /usr/share/doctorj/words.LOCALE, where LOCALE is of the standard Java form.
doctorj is distributed with three word lists: words.en_CA (Canadian English),
words.en_UK (United Kingdom English), and words.en_US (United States English).

Produces debugging output. Note that this signficantly impedes performance.

FILE Specifies the files to check. If the argument specified is a directory, all files
ending in ``.java'' under that directory will be analyzed.


To check a single file:

% doctorj String.java

To check multiple files:

% doctorj String.java StringBuffer.java Object.java

To check all files below a directory:

% doctorj /proj/app/src

To run at the maximum warning level:

% doctorj --warning=4 .

To specify a different dictionary:

% doctorj --dictionaries=/usr/share/dict/words .



The run-control file, of the form:

emacs: true
warning: 4
tabwidth: 8
dictionaries: /usr/share/dict/words,/home/me/etc/terms
verbose: false

Dictionary (word list) files contain one word per line, for example:


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