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gdl - GNU Data Language incremental compiler


gdl [--help] [-h] [--version] [-v] [-V] [[-]-quiet] [-q] [ -arg value ] [ -args ... ] [
-e statement ] [ -pref=/path/to/preferenceFile ] [ batch_file ... ]


gdl is an incremental compiler for the GNU Data Language (GDL). GDL is being developed
with the aim of providing an open-source drop-in replacement for ITTVIS Interactive Data
Language (IDL). It is also partially compatible with Visual Numerics (VN) PV-WAVE. IDL and
PV-WAVE are registered trademarks of ITTVIS and VN, respectively. GDL and its library
routines are designed as a tool for numerical data analysis and visualisation. GDL is
dynamically typed, vectorized and has object-oriented programming capabilities. The
library routines handle numerical calculations, data visualisation, signal/image
processing, file input/output (incl. graphical and scientific data formats such as TIFF,
PNG, netCDF, HDF etc) and interaction with host OS.

Information on GDL/IDL/PV-WAVE syntax and library routines can be found in e.g.:

- GDL documentation draft at: http://gnudatalanguage.sf.net/gdl.pdf

- IDL manual on-line @ NASA.gov: http://idlastro.gsfc.nasa.gov/idl_html_help/home.html

- ITTVIS (ittvis.com) and Visual Numerics (vni.com) websites

- comp.lang.idl-pvwave newsgroup

A vast part of GDL library routines is implemented using open-source libraries including
GSL, plPlot, and optionally: readline, FFTW, ImageMagick, netCDF, HDF4, HDF5, libproj4,
UDUNITS-2, libps and others.


--help (or -h)
Show summary of options

--version (or -v, -V)
Show version of program

--quiet (or -quiet, -q)
Suppress welcome messages

-arg value
Tells COMMAND_LINE_ARGS() to report the following argument (may be specified more
than once)

-args ...
Tells COMMAND_LINE_ARGS() to report all following arguments

-e statement
Execute given statement and exit (last occurrence taken into account only, executed
after startup file, may not be specified together with batch files)

(only partially working now) setting using external text file few variables
including default preferences (e.g. X11 Windows Size)

--fakerelease version
setting !VERSION.RELASE to that value. !VERSION.RELASE is often tested by
procedures to decide whether some function or option should be used. It is
sometimes possible to use this option to fool a procedure that request a specific

The -demo, -em, -novm, -queue, -rt, -ulicense and -vm options
are ignored for compatibility with IDL.

A list of batch files to be executed before entering the interactive
mode (but after executing a startup file, if specified) may be given when not using
the -e option.

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