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Latex2man is a tool to translate UNIX manual pages written with LaTeXinto a format
understood by the UNIX man(1)-command. Alternatively HTML, TexInfo, or LaTeX code can be
produced too. Output of parts of the text may be suppressed using the conditional text
feature (for this, LaTeX generation may be used).


latex2man [-ttransfile] [-cCSSfile] [-HMTL] [-h] [-V] [-Cname] [-achar] infile outfile


Latex2man reads the file infile and writes outfile. The input must be a LaTeX document
using the latex2man LaTeXpackage. Latex2man translates that document into the troff(1)
format using the -man macro package.

Using the -H option, HTML code can be produced, instead of troff(1). With this option you
can, optionally, specify a CSSfile as an argument. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) allows
you to control the appearance of the resulting HTML page. See below for the names of CSS
classes that are included in the HTML tags as attributes.

Using the -T option, TexInfo code can be produced, instead of troff(1).

Using the -M option, troff(1) input is produced.

Using the -L option, LaTeX ouput can be produced, instead of troff(1).


Translation for user defined LaTeX macros.

If you use the -H you can also specify a file that contains CSS style sheets. The
link to the CSS file is inserted into the generatedHTML output using the specified
CSSfile filename.

Produce output suitable for the man(1) command (default).

Instead of producing output suitable for the man(1) command, HTML code is produced
(despite the name of the command).

Instead of producing output suitable for the man(1) command, TexInfo code is
produced (despite the name of the command). The generated .texi-file may be
processed with makeinfo(1) (to produce an .info-file) which in turn may be
installed using install-info(1). The Info tags @dircategory and @direntry are

The LaTeX source is written to the outfile. This is useful in conjunction with
the -Cname option.

Output the conditional text for name. If more than one name should be given use
quotes: -C'name1 name2 ...'
The following names are defined automatically:

* -H defines HTML

* -T defines TEXI

* -M defines MAN

* -L defines LATEX

Is used only in conjunction with -T.
TexInfo ignores all blanks before the first word on a new line. In order to produce
some additional space before that word (using \SP) some character has to be printed
before the additional space. By default this is a . (dot). The char specifies an
alternative for that first character. Giving a blank to -a supresses the
indentation of a line.
Note: only for the first \SP of a series that char is printed.

Show a help text.

Show version information.

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