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ewfacquire — acquires data in the EWF format


ewfacquire [-A codepage] [-b number_of_sectors] [-B number_of_bytes] [-c compression_values]
[-C case_number] [-d digest_type] [-D description] [-e examiner_name]
[-E evidence_number] [-f format] [-g number_of_sectors] [-l log_filename]
[-m media_type] [-M media_flags] [-N notes] [-o offset] [-p process_buffer_size]
[-P bytes_per_sector] [-r read_error_retries] [-S segment_file_size] [-t target]
[-T toc_file] [-2 secondary_target] [-hqRsuvVwx] source


ewfacquire is a utility to acquire media data from a source and store it in EWF format
(Expert Witness Compression Format). ewfacquire acquires media data in a format equivalent
to EnCase and FTK imager, including meta data. Under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD,
MacOS-X/Darwin ewfacquire supports reading directly from device files. On other platforms
ewfacquire can convert a raw (dd) image into the EWF format.

ewfacquire is part of the libewf package. libewf is a library to access the Expert Witness
Compression Format (EWF).

source the source file(s) or device

The options are as follows:

-A codepage
the codepage of header section, options: ascii (default), windows-874, windows-932,
windows-936, windows-949, windows-950, windows-1250, windows-1251, windows-1252,
windows-1253, windows-1254, windows-1255, windows-1256, windows-1257 or windows-1258

-b number_of_sectors
the number of sectors to read at once (per chunk), options: 16, 32, 64 (default),
128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384 or 32768

-B number_of_bytes
the number of bytes to acquire

-c compression_values
specify the compression values as: level or method:level compression method options:
deflate (default), bzip2 (bzip2 is only supported by EWF2 formats) compression level
options: none (default), empty-block, fast or best

-C case_number
the case number (default is case_number)

-d digest_type
calculate additional digest (hash) types besides md5, options: sha1, sha256

-D description
the description (default is description)

-e examiner_name
the examiner name (default is examiner_name)

-E evidence_number
the evidence number (default is evidence_number)

-f format
the EWF file format to write to, options: ewf, smart, ftk, encase1, encase2,
encase3, encase4, encase5, encase6 (default), encase7, linen5, linen6, linen7, ewfx.

-g number_of_sectors
the number of sectors to be used as error granularity

-h shows this help

-l log_filename
logs acquiry errors and the digest (hash) to the log filename

-m media_type
the media type, options: fixed (default), removable, optical, memory

-M media_flags
the media flags, options: logical, physical (default)

-N notes
the notes (default is notes)

-o offset
the offset to start to acquire (default is 0)

-p process_buffer_size
the process buffer size (default is the chunk size)

-P bytes_per_sector
the number of bytes per sector (default is 512) (use this to override the automatic
bytes per sector detection)

-q quiet shows minimal status information

-r read_error_retries
the number of retries when a read error occurs (default is 2)

-R resume acquiry at a safe point

-s swap byte pairs of the media data (from AB to BA) (use this for big to little endian
conversion and vice versa)

-S segment_file_size
the segment file size in bytes (default is 1.4 GiB) (minimum is 1.0 MiB, maximum is
7.9 EiB for encase6 and encase7 format and 1.9 GiB for other formats)

-t target
the target file (without extension) to write to (default is image)

-T toc_file
specify the file containing the table of contents (TOC) of an optical disc. The TOC
file must be in the CUE format.

-u unattended mode (disables user interaction)

-v verbose output to stderr

-V print version

-w zero sectors on read error (mimic EnCase like behavior)

-x use the chunk data instead of the buffered read and write functions.

-2 secondary_target
the secondary target file (without extension) to write to

ewfacquire will read from a file or device until it encounters a read error. On read error
it will retry the number of retries specified. If ewfacquire still is unable to read and, if
specified, it will zero (wipe) the the remainder of the number of sectors specified as error
granularity. If ewfacquire should mimic EnCase it will zero all of sectors specified as
error granularity.

Empty block compression detects blocks of sectors with entirely the same byte data and
compresses them using the default compression level.

The encase6 and encase7 format allows for segment files greater than 2 GiB (2147483648



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